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Eastern Iowa Commercial & Industrial Roof Repair, Restoration, and Coatings

Commercial & Industrial Metal Roof Repair, Restoration, and Coatings

Metal Roof Restoration is a complete waterproofing system for commercial metal roofs that inhibits rust, stops leaks and provides an energy efficient, long-lasting and attractive finish coat for years of service. All seams are strengthened with fabric reinforcement embedded in our acrylic elastomeric (elastic property of rubber) roof coating. Exposed fasteners are sealed from the elements with premium caulking. Finally, the entire surface of the roof is protected with one of Conklin's industry-leading roof coatings. The system is an effective method for preserving an existing metal roof without the need for costly metal repair or replacement.


How you can benefit from a Metal Roof Restoration from Heartland Coatings Inc.:
  • Permanently solve leaking problems
  • Extend your roof life
  • Save money on energy costs
  • Resolve any metal design issues
  • Avoid costly roof maintenance
  • Class 4 Hail Rating


Heartland Coatings Inc. will begin by treating your commercial metal roof with Rust Off to remove as much grime, dirt, grit and sludge as possible. Conklin’s Rust Off also removes any oxidation and rust. In addition to properly cleaning the roof we also inspect to ensure that all metal is structurally sound. In some cases replace or repair if needed and apply Conklin’s Encase primer that encapsulates any existing rust and inhibits the development of new rust.

Prevents Roof Leaks

The Conklin MR System™ protects your metal roof from the elements with a highly durable, seamless membrane. Stops leaks where they occur most by sealing all seams, fasteners and penetrations with a combination of the best acrylic elastomeric coatings on the market strengthened with fabric reinforcement. This ensures that the elements can't get to your most valuable items.

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Heartland Coatings Inc. will provide you with an affordable and Quality Conklin Metal Roof System’s Coating for a durable and waterproof seamless membrane that protects your metal roof from harsh elements with a combination of the best acrylic elastomeric coatings on the market. Your roof with a Conklin’s Metal Roof System coating will remain flexible during hot and cold temperatures to accommodate building movement and thermal shock experienced by metal roofs during extreme temperature changes. With our reflective cool white roof coating this will help minimizes the amount of movement and shifting your roof may experience and can substantially improve the life of your roof.


We use Conklin's Roof Coatings (good-better-best, Rapid Roof lll-Benchmark-Puma XL) which allows us to meet all your metal roof restoration needs with a budget.

Heartland Coatings Inc. understands that a great roof involves much more than affordable and quality proven products. Whether you have a minor commercial roof repair or thousands of square feet of commercial roofing needs, Heartland Coatings Inc. strives to provide you with quality workmanship while meeting your budget and focusing on superior customer service.


Energy Start Rated Roof Coatings by BENCHMARK COMMERCIAL ROOFING

Every year a building owner can keep their existing roof operating efficiently it ensures that they keep money in their pocket. When you invest in an energy efficient roof you can expect to reap substantial savings by as much as 30% in air conditioning cost. Heartland Coatings Inc. uses Conklin’s ENERGY STAR rated roof coatings that can drastically reduce your cooling cost by reflecting up to 85% of the sun’s ultraviolet energy rather than absorbing it in the form of heat.


A tax advantage for building owners while saving energy! Expensing coatings versus capital depreciation lowers cash outlays and maximizes tax expense allowances. A metal roof restoration can be expensed as a repair or maintenance cost while roof replacement has to be capitalized.


Commercial & Industrial Metal Roof Repair, Restoration, and Coatings

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